Hi there! My name is Thalie but I go by seokve. I make YouTube videos related to kpop, usually lifestyle or how-tos.  I discovered kpop in early June of 2017 and since then, I’ve been very interested in it and kind of dedicated any online presence I have to it. I spent a lot of time working on this website and I’m so happy it’s finally done. Here, you can find all my links to anything I have and any answers. I also plan to start making blogs about latest news, reviews, and others because I’ve wanted to for awhile. I’ll post extra information or further explanation to my videos, my opinions, important topics, rants, and basically everything that didn’t make it to my YouTube channel. Thank you for supporting me and please enjoy the content I’ll make! I hope you’re excited about the future of this website. <3

7 thoughts on “ A Welcome Message ”

  1. Omg I’m so happy you’ve done this your one of my favorite people on the Internet and this is huge thank you???

  2. You’re one of, if not only kpop page/channel I watch. I love the content you make! Keep up with the good work 🙂

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