These are answers to some of the most common questions I get. If you have a question for me that isn’t here, please leave it on my Sarahah! <3

  1. Where do you get your stationery?

    PENS: Muji; 0.5 gel pen + 0.38 gel retractable pen
    NOTEBOOK: Muji; a5 spiral dotted
    WASHI TAPE: AliExpress, Michael’s, Staples, and any store I run across that has it for cheap
    STICKERS: I print what I like on sticker paper OR what my penpals gift me <3
    PAPER: Maruman, Muji, Mitsuwa Marketplace, and Kinokuniya

2. How do I get a penpal?

These are two Instagram accounts I trust for penpals:

  • @kpenpalss
  • @kpinpals

Follow their rules to find a kpop penpal!

3. Where are you from?

I’m living in Los Angeles right now.

4. Who do you stan and who are your biases?

Seventeen (ult group) – Hoshi
EXO – Chanyeol
BTS – Jungkook + Jin
Red Velvet – Seulgi



I like a lot of groups but I don’t STAN many. (By stan, I mean learning their names, eras, inside jokes.) I still watch videos, listen to music, and support other groups.