The world of K-Pop was a LOT of groups. Those groups have a LOT of people. Ships are bound to be created. I’m bound to fall in love with a few. With that being said, these are my favorite ships (in no specific order)! Just a disclaimer: I’m not obsessed with a romantic relationship. I just love their relationship, whether it’s friendship or bromance or whatever. K? K.

1. JIKOOK (BTS’s Jimin + Jungkook)

When I was first getting into BTS and K-Pop, I heavily watched this one YouTuber called Ramenai. She made a video on BTS ships (link right below) and Jikook stood out to me.

I didn’t even know the members yet, but these two just felt right to me, you know? My heart approved. When I was actually educated on BTS, I rewatched the video and realized what ship was giving me feels. After that, I had become obsessed with their relationship.

I valued their interactions and would watch hours of videos of just them! I love the kind of push and pull relationship they have and how much they care for each other. I just feel that this is my favorite ship in BTS because, from the moment I saw it, I loved it.

They have so many “moments” that it’s hard to get bored and abandon the ship. From the fansign answers to their Japan vacation, I’m very satisfied with the amount of Jikook.

You best believe I’ve read tons of fanfiction and bawled at the incredibly sad ones. Yeah.



2. JEONGCHEOL (SVT’s Seungcheol/S.Coups + Jeonghan)

I may or may not have started shipping them just because of a really good fanfiction I read…ahem…

LISTEN. I was new to the fandom, I wanted to learn about their ships, and I HAPPENED to stumble upon a certain fanfic. It HAPPENED to be Jeongcheol. It wasn’t intentional.

Well, I grew very fond of the story and when I reached the end (after staying up all night on a SCHOOL NIGHT), I was a changed man (or woman, whatever). I habitually shipped Jeongcheol and couldn’t stop.

I went through the same process as I did with Jikook: looking at photos, watching videos, interacting with fellow shippers, etc. I still rewatch this one FMV because it’s really adorable.

There’s too many photos for me to just stop shipping it becAUSE LOOKATTHEMITSTOOPERFECTASJDSSNH. Every time I see a picture or a 3 second clip of them, I just know that I’m never getting out of the hole of Jeongcheol. I love that they’re not embarrassed to be all lovey-dovey out there. The amount of interactions are through the ROOF MAN.

Okay, they’re pretty cute together, but my mind keeps putting them in the situation of the fanfic I read (which by the way, isn’t finished and I’m very needy for an update)! Is that a problem? Maybe. Do I wish it was a different way? I have no idea. Right now, I’ll just repeatably reread the fanfic and then watch amazingly made FMVs of them cause that’s how I like it.

Also, Seungcheol keeps trying to bite him?? Someone get the boy some gum or something.

Stan Seventeen btw AHEM


3. CHANBAEK (EXO’s Chanyeol + Baekhyun

This is slightly similar to my Jeongcheol story. Let me explain.

Shipping people is a lovely experience. It gives you heart-warming feels, a rush, and extra satisfaction when you read a fanfic of your ship. I love having ships. Saying this, when I was in beginning stages of stanning EXO, my immediate wish was to ship someone, but who?

I read some facts and stuff about EXO months ago and I remember seeing one specific fact that when they were trainees, Chanyeol and Baekhyun became friends in just one night. That fact always stayed in my mind and I found that so adorable so, when I wanted to ship someone, Chanbaek was my first choice.

They’re so close and such good friends that it’s really their relationship that I love and wish I had. Everything they know about each other and everything they do together just makes you happy.

Also, I’m obsessed with this ship right now and I’m reading a HUGE amount of fanfics so if you have any you recommend, PLEASE send me them, thanks.

I just love reading things they exposed about each other (like Chanyeol’s loud ass breathing), the way they’re glued to each other, and just everything is perfect and imma go cry in a hole real quick.


4. SOPE (BTS’s J-Hope + Suga)

This is just a small side ship but I still ship it. Why?

These too are so different in personality and are complete opposites but they still care about each other, laugh together, and are great friends. I love how they’re the embodiment of “opposites attract”.

That’s pretty much it. That’s literally why I ship it,

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  1. I love how Jungkook is always teasing Jimin but then he’s like “you’re so handsome hyung”. So cute!~

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